How to Plan a Successful Casino Night Fundraiser

Trying to raise money for any kind of organization or cause can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, it’s important that you can offer a memorable, fun experience in exchange! A casino night is a smart, effective way to raise money and give your guests an entertaining time. As stressful as organizing a fundraiser can become, we are here to make it as simple and seamless as possible! Continue reading for how to plan a successful casino night fundraiser.

Deciding Your Venue for the Casino Night Fundraiser

Deciding your venue will be vital before you order any casino game rentals or buy decorations. Consider how many people you are expecting for your fundraiser so that everyone can comfortably fit in the space, and factor in tables, chairs, and casino tables.

great venues for casino night fundraiser

Renting Your Casino Games

There’s no debate that renting your casino games is the most important part of planning your casino night fundraiser. However, it can be the most hectic part because there’s so much to choose from. We offer individual games, but for convenience, we created casino rental packages for you based on the number of guests you’re inviting. Whether you are planning a casino night for as small as 15-30 guests or a fundraiser for more than 275 people, we have you covered!

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Food & Beverage

You can’t forget about feeding your guests! You want your guests to stay for the majority of the event, so you must make sure they’re not only entertained but have something to eat and drink. What casino doesn’t have appetizers and mixed drinks? Book a caterer for small bites and appetizers, as well as hiring a bartender to make casino-themed drinks.

Casino Music

An event is only as good as its theme, so if you are going to have a casino night fundraiser, then it must show in your music! Music will fill those quiet moments and will give guests something to dance to with their friends on their way to the poker table.

You have two options when planning music for your fundraiser: renting a sound system or having a DJ. Renting a sound system and hand-selected music makes for an easy set-up and saves you hours from creating the perfect playlist. While hiring a DJ can make the event more lively by allowing guests to request songs. You can’t go wrong with either choice!

How to Raise the Money at the Fundraiser

It’s important that you establish how to raise the money at the event beforehand, in order to make your guests aware. Decide what you want to charge guests for, and how much you want to charge them in order to fundraise your goal. You could choose to charge for entrance and chips, or just for chips and drinks. It varies based on your goal.

raising money at a casino fundraiser

Send the Invitations

Once you have booked your venue and ordered all of your rentals, you’re ready to send the invitations! Make sure your invitations match the casino night theme and state that the event is a fundraiser. Include the date and time, as well as the address, and even the dress code if you want your guests to dress for the occasion. Just make sure to send them out early enough to give people time to plan.

Need Help or Advice on Planning Your Casino Night Fundraiser?

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High School and College Graduation Party Ideas

A graduation party is a great time to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments. It is a priority that every guest and even the host has a good time, so we have some ideas on how to take your high school or college graduation party to the next level. We know it can be especially hard to plan a high school graduation party given the traditional lock-in party style, so we are here to help find fun ways to entertain while keeping guests safe. Keep reading for high school and college graduation party ideas.

Pub Game Night

At your graduate’s lock-in party, you want to ensure everyone is entertained. Our first high school graduation party idea is to include various pub games at your party to keep all guests busy. Fill the night with competition with classic games like air hockey, foosball, or basketball game. Keep the night relaxed with a pool table or electronic darts. No matter what energy your guests have, there’s the right pub game rental for you!

Casino Night

As a college graduation party idea, we suggest a casino night! This age group is likely already interested in going to a casino, but this theme allows all guests to remain safe and not even have to travel farther than your house. Invite guests for a strategic game of BlackJack and test your luck playing Roulette with our “Lady Luck” 3 Table Package. Want more? Level up to the next package and add in a Craps table. The bigger the package, the more game options. You can even consult with us to create your own “All In” Custom Package! Take your guests to the most comfortable casino with our casino game rentals.

Retro Arcade Night

If neither of the previous high school and college graduation party ideas is the right fit for you, consider hosting a retro arcade night. Guests of all ages can enjoy gaming on all of the classics with our 25 options of individual retro arcade game rentals. We offer a variety of packages to allow renters to choose 3, 6, 9, or 12 arcade games for one rental rate. Choose from the classics like Galaga, Mortal Kombat, Pacman, and more to please the ultimate gamers at your graduation party!

Contact Us for Your Louisiana High School Or College Graduation Party

Our large variety of rentals will ensure there’s something special at your upcoming high school or college graduation party. Click here or call (504)269-4888 to get started with us!